Friday, August 24, 2012

Cafe Rio Playgroup

Yesterday I invited my friends and their kids over for a Cafe Rio lunch and playgroup!  Everyone brought a side for the salad and treats for the kids.  As you can see, there were SO many kids piled into our home!  It made me realize how much I want a playroom/bonus room/big basement for the kids to play in when we buy a home in the future.  Everywhere you walked you would be stepping over a child because there were so many of them!  I also must say, we didn't have any accidents... ( no coloring on walls, furniture, food on couches or carpet, etc.)  That is something I am always nervous about!
I love all of Charlie's little friends and especially love all of my friends in the ward!  It's great to have a strong group of friends that share your values, live in close proximity to you, have kids the same age, and that you connect with.  They are so important to me and I love them so much!


mommacitabonita said...

Wow, sissy that is one huge group of kiddos. I hope you had a good nap afterwards!! Loved seeing my Charlie boy too with all his friends!!Classic!!

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