Monday, August 27, 2012

Early Bday Party

We had an early birthday party for Charlie III while Reba was still in town!  I know, this is a whole month early but it was worth it.  We had teriyaki chicken over rice with a few sides for dinner.  I made his favorite cake... chocolate pudding cake!  He knew how to blow out the candles without any help this time around and it amazes me how much they learn and grow in a year.  He got so many presents from Charlies family as well as our good friends Mitch and Angie Randolph.  Tons of cars and figurines, a new Toy Story sheet set for his bed and a Cars blanket.  I think his new FAVORITE toy is his big Woody!  He slept with it last night and has carried him around all morning!  It's the cutest thing!  He has never been so attached to a toy before!
Of course we had to play the famous Dellenbach name game to end our evening and it was hilarious!!  Moira, my mother in law is the funniest person to play the game with!  Lastly, we took family pictures of the people still standing at the end of the night!  Nate and his girlfriend had already left, Mitch and Angie had left too so this was the last of us!  I'm still deciding on if we need to have a 'friends' birthday party next month.  We will see!


Leanna said...

How fun! Can't wait to celebrate Char Char's birthday later! We love Char Char so much!

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