Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BRIDAL sHoWer weekend!!!!

Okay, this last weekend was that CHRISTMAS morning feeling when you run down the stairs to see what santa's brought you, all those that have had a bridal shower know exactly how it feels. I wanted to cry because I had so much gratitude to the ladies in the room starting with my preschool teacher Sis. Staffenson to our ward's librarian Bonnie who has had that calling since we moved to Norco 15 years ago!! Such great women with beautiful HEARTS
Here's a list of the AMAZING gifts from the bridal shower:
magic love pills!
CANDLES and more candles!!
the cutest spice rack
LINGERE, LINGERE, LINGERE, did i say LINGERE??!!!!! thanks ladies
brown decorative box and headband- love it
my 500 count white stripe linens
super soft brown accent pillows
RED and WHITE towels for body, hands and washing
egg slicer, cheese grader, strainer... gotta love these simple gadgets
toaster- i hope it's the only one we get!!
IKEA tupperware- even better than the ones i registered for
rod iron paper towel holder& trivet and hundreds of UTENSILS!! yay
GIFT CARDS!!! love these
complete date package with movies 13 going on 30-one of my favs, Mask of Zorro and popcorn and tons of candy---- such a great idea, but not great for my diet!!
pretty wreath made and constructed by the one and only Leslie!
bathroom sets with shower gels, perfume spritzers, and lotions!!
frames and some more frames
beautiful photo album
baking sheet set with cooling rack
don't worry ladies, I will post pictures up as soon as i get my retarded camera to work!!!!


SHIRLEY'S said...

HOLY CRAP! you are one spoiled girl... totally jealous of the Kitchen Aide... NOT FAIR.

Gotta love those showers!

KuRtIsS and MiChElLe said...

Hows the Kitchen Aide look in your new kitchen?!?! I love mine...you will LOVE IT! (Well, I know you already do haha)

carolyn said...

I don't have much of the presents at my apt. yet. My dad's making a trip this weekend with my bedroom furniture and the presents from the shower!!

Pedersens said...

You got alot of nice things! The shower was fun... its always exciting when you first start out. It feels like you are playing house and its fun! :)

Cynda & Ben said...

don't you just love getting all those gifts....just wait until the wedding....so much fun!!!

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