Wednesday, March 26, 2008

getting to know the boy

Charles Owen Baggett Jr.
born October 25th, 1984
2nd born of 4 kids
grew up in Moreno Valley, Ca then family moved to Georgia his senior year of h.s
called to serve in Santiago, Chile for a faithful 2 years
attends BYU Provo
marrying his summer hook-up...ME!!! haha

CELEB look-a-like
that wasn't hard!!! funny story, Charlie posted the second picture from the top of David Duchovny as his facebook profile pic and people really thought it was Charlie!!! soooo funny, atleast I know Charlie will still be a hottie as a 45 year old.!!!!!!!!

playing BASEBALL- he's amazing and I hope our kids get his athleticism
watching baseball---- his fav team LA DODGERS
playing any sport- he does well at any sport he plays, it's good to be on his team,
EATING- it's not fair, he eats and eats and doesn't gain any weight!!
spending time with fam and friends

Fav Fast food/restaurants
Carl's Jr.- Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger
Wendys- stack attack value meal
MARIA BONITA- beef taquito and beef taco meal
Chilies- chicken Caesar pita w/ FRIES

UNIQUE things he would never admit
he likes to pluck my eyebrows,,,and he's good at it too!! no more getting them waxed
he's a NEAT freak- but not a Nazi about it
entertaining people with his gay voice!!! I've never laughed so hard then when he tells random made-up stories about the adventures of Sergio and Francisco

These words can't describe this wonderful man I'm marrying,,,he's funny, quirky, humble, hard-working, lovable and weird- my favorite characteric in someone


The Ellsworth Clan said...

You know what's funny?? I got really close to the screen and was trying to figure out if it was Charlie or not. haha I was like, "who took that?? It's good". haha well yeah, that picture confirms just how much they look alike. Sure fooled me!

carolyn said...

haha, i know, so many people did the same thing!!

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