Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I was one of her bridesmaids and she was one of mine,,,
something we planned since high school

So I have this best friend named Rachel and she is the Martha Stewart of holidays,,, especially Halloween!!! This girl goes all OUT with decorations and costumes and I just can't get enough of it!

We've been best friends since High School and she came into my life at such a critical time. She really was my first LDS best friend and my life has been changed tremendously because of it.

We have starred in the musicals..."Once Upon a Mattress," "Lucky Stiff," "Annie," and my favorite... "Crazy for You" together and have had the BEST time! I'm sorry i don't have any of those pictures on hand but if you saw the pics you would laugh so hard!
She welcomed me into her nice condo when I had nowhere to live last fall when I was following my heart to live close to Charlie. She was always there to listen to all the updates on my relationship with Charlie from the night he said 'I love you' to the night i was engaged! Rachel has been an example of faith and modesty that I thank her for. Rachel has so much LIFE in her and she can always make everyone laugh till they pee their pants. I saved this post especially for this holiday... Halloween because she is who I think of when this time of year rolls around!!
I love and miss ya Rachel Beth Eynon Glenn


Lisa and Mark said...

Oh my Rachie. She IS a great example.

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