Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My soulmate forever... Charles

Dear Charles,
You are sleeping by my side as I write this. You are just adorable when you sleep, so peaceful and calm. Well, as you know I have been posting all of my Best Friends this last week and I have saved the best for LAST!! YOU honey are my very best friend and I just want to quickly write the biggest reasons why you have landed on the highest mark on my bff list:
1. you're unselfish
2. a hard-worker
3. you served a full-time mission in Santiago, Chile
4. you are the best brother to your siblings
5. you will make an AMAZING father someday
6. you are patient
7. my family just LOVES you
8. you make me laugh every DAY
9. we can talk about ANYthing
10. I LOVE YOU!!


Sheryl said...

Nothing like being married forever to your BFF! I know my 30 years is proof!! Love your list to honor your great man!

Lisa and Mark said...

6 to 8 kids! Wow! That's so much fun. I LOVED my big family.

KuRtIsS and MiChElLe said...

Hey I thought I was number 1. haha JUST KIDDING!!!!! 6-8 kids...wow...better get started now :) haha

Emily Goodsell said...

CAROLINE! Today is such a good day--I found Michelle's blog, and now I find yours! All your posts/pictures so so sweet. I'm glad life is going well for you and your hubby. Brad and I have a blog now, too--goodsells.blogspot.com. I'm glad I can stalk you from home now. Thank heavens for blogs!! :)

The Escobars said...

I love you sis...and it's true...the family...we love your BFF Charlie! You're so darling with the posts...and 6 to 8 kids...that's awesome...we'll see! I liked Michelle's comment...best get started now. Love Cindernesto & the pregnant lady

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