Saturday, September 26, 2009

getting ready

{the nursery}

{the baby sleeps by my side}

{enjoying time before baby}
charlie's mom Moira is here to visit and help

So, our baby is due TOMORROW! I really thought our baby boy would be here by now but he's just so comfortable in my belly. It's been nice these past couple of days since Moira has been here, we've been to Park City and the temple and have done some shopping! If I don't have the baby by this next Tuesday then my Doc will induce me, so we'll see what happens!


Chris and Jenn said...

YAY! Good Luck with everything, it looks like you guys are ready!

Katie said...

Sissy, everything looks great and yes you will be a momma very soon. Thanks Moira for being there!!! I can't wait to be with you all!! Love, Momma

Sheryl said...

so fun! Your dad was talking about you in Sacrament meeting today! So proud of his growing family!

Christensen Family said...

Good luck!!!! Very cute nursery!

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