Saturday, September 12, 2009

baby shower #2

oh my goodness!
i have such great friends and family and today proved it.
we played a fun memory game and chatted most of the hour while devouring baseball sugar cookies and fruit.
it was splendid!
afterward, katie and I headed to olive garden for a much needed catch-up lunch with my best friends Michelle and Jessica. we talked about break-ups,babies, married life, the waitor that gave us free dessert and much more.

i feel so blessed to have the life i have, the friends i have, the family i have and this baby i have coming in the matter of 2 weeks!


Chris and Jenn said...

your so cute! cant wait to meet your baby boy!

Lisa Webb said...

Your almost there! You look so cute prego! Heres to a fast next few weeks!!

The Sheffer Home said...

Carolyn! Im glad I was able to be there for a bit. Sorry I couldnt stay the whole time. Im sad that I wont be seeing you at work for a while!!! Let me know when I can bring over the stuff that I have for you.

Heidi said...

my goodness! you really are a loved girl. So fun to celebrate such a special little boy that is coming to your family! Looks like you are set!

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