Monday, September 7, 2009

cabin fever

We went up to my cousin's family cabin for Labor Day weekend!
The cabin was an hour away from any town and we didn't get cell phone service... it was a beautiful feeling. Relaxation, sleeping, games, food and fun were on the itinerary.

I spent most of my time holding this little one!

Korine, Steph, Jessica and Katie

everyone(the guys) watching the BYU v. Oklahoma game!

eating bbq corn... so yummy!

one of the spectacular views from the cabin

Katie and Uncle Drew(my dad's younger bro)

Scott & Steph= cute couple

Family & friends Variety Show

Drew juggling Charlie acting out a double play

sisters trio

Steph & James

Bonfire & smores

Scott, Katie, Drew and Adam

Out for a ride on the quads

It was such a FUN weekend. I haven't felt so relaxed in my whole pregnancy. It was beautiful and just what I needed!


Heidi said...

How fun! Looks like a fun time! Drew went? is he dating someone that went?

Sheryl said...

How totally fun! the mountains, family and friends!!

Katie said...

What a great weekend with family and friends!!! I missed being with you girls!!! Relax while you can, baby changes everything. Love you, momma

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