Monday, June 7, 2010

Tybee Beach

A few days before we left Savannah we headed to Tybee Beach. This would be the baby's first experience at the beach so I made sure we took plenty of pictures and a video of course. My mother in law Moira and Charles Sr. took such good care of our little one while me and my hubby were in the water! We had so much fun boogie-boarding and body surfing and just had fun being alone with one another! I really do love the Atlantic Ocean and the fact that I won't feel like I'll die from a huge wave like I'm used to in California!
Well, Baby Charlie just loved the water and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we made the beach a daily trip, too bad we're thousands of miles away!


mommacitabonita said...

What wonderful pictures lovie, little Char is such a wiggler when it comes to standing and dancing. He's already got the moves. Thanks for posting the pictures! Love you, momma

HAYHAY said...

OH man, I wish we were closer to a beach. That looks like a BLAST. Great memories. Your little guy is one handsome surfer dude.

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