Tuesday, June 1, 2010

8 months

Isn't he so stinkin cute?! Baby Charlie is 8 months old now and is getting so big! He has been such a joy and I just love this little boy! So far this month he...
had his 3rd ear infection
flew to Georgia for his 2nd time
went in the Atlantic Ocean and loved it
goes from sitting position to crawling position in seconds
when on tummy he scoots himself around in a circle
loves eating puffs and teething biscuits
can grab a puff with his fingers and put it in his mouth
says Dadda all the time
likes pulling himself up when sitting on our lap
loves when we sing hymns at church

So, my Dad's cousin performed multiple tests on Charlie for her nursing class and he passed every test for an 8 month old and even passed in areas for a 12 month old! It's always nice to hear he's doing well but we look forward to upcoming milestones like him saying Momma!


Lisa and Mark said...

3rd ear infection? so, i'm not sure this will be the case with you guys, but just in case this info helps... my baby sister got tons of ear infections, and they eventually put tubes in her ears. supposedly it saved the day. then my sister's daughter was having tons of ear infections and she was hesitant to put the tubes in, but again they saved the day.

so anyways, don't know if charlie is in need, but just in case you hadn't heard of such a thing, i thought i'd bring it up. :)

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