Thursday, June 10, 2010

dining on River St.

One night we headed to historic downtown Savannah and dined at
The Rocks Restaurant in The Bohemian Hotel.

{baby Charlie was getting plenty of loves from the waitresses, probably since he was the
youngest person in the whole joint!}

After dinner we walked down River Street and watched the eclectic acts being performed by locals. We also watched the large ships sail off into the Atlantic to deliver items to neighbors across the pond. After walking a bit we sat on a bench where an older woman was playing the guitar while singing opera! I began to think of the movie The Soloist.
There was a part of me that wanted to play reporter and find out her life story
and how she ended up where she is. Her voice was gold in my books.
Anyways, it was truly a wonderful evening spent with family and even a little inspiring!


Rachel Glenn said...

so fun missy! when are we meeting up there? for reals!

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