Monday, May 16, 2011

birthdays galore!

May 16th is a big day.
Today is my Mom's birthday and also Moira's birthday!
Happy Birthday and wish we could be with you both!

One of my favorite holidays just came and went, my birthday!
My husband always makes it so special for me from beginning to end.
He brought me breakfast in bed, did the morning dishes, changed Charlie's diapers, took me up to SLC to buy my favorite candle from anthro among other things. He is such a good husband and I'm so glad we spent the entire day together!

We stopped at a park on our way back from SLC for little Charlie to run around and play!

Then we had dinner with family at CPK.

Sunday evening we had my official birthday party with family/friends.

Here's to another year full of love and happiness!


Mom/Grandma Moira said...

Everyone looks so good, happy, and healthy! A lot of birthdays, a lot of family, a lot of happiness! Love you so much, Carolyn, you are so thoughtful and sweet. Hope to see everyone later this summer!

Lacey Voris said...

Wish we could have been there. Hope you had a great birthday. We need to get together soon though. Miss you guys.

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