Monday, May 30, 2011

24 hour visit

My parents came up to Provo on Friday afternoon and left Saturday afternoon.
They were here for 24 hours, who does that to their daughter??!

{my parents brought up some appliances for Dane and Korine's new home.}

{ Korine, baby Vaughn and my mom in front of their new home in Provo }

{ my little family with my parents + baby Vaughn! }

We then had an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse, which was still busy at 5:00pm. It's CRAZY busy there.

my cute boy peeking in on Grandma and Aunt Katie (Cubbie)!

my parents with the newlyweds... Jeremy and Katie!

the rest of the party!
We all took turns holding Vaughn so Korine could eat dinner!

Saturday was pretty busy! We helped Katie and Jeremy pack and move their life down to California. I will miss their darling home in Springville!

I can't believe my parents only visited for 24 hours but I was SO glad to see them.
I miss them already and I MISS my little sister Katie living so close to me.
I know she will be happy in California attending a music school with her husband.
It is where they need to be.


Escobar Family said...

you are so cute cub! we miss you! can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Heidi said...

How fun!! I love family visits. I had no idea that Katie was moving back to CA.

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