Sunday, November 23, 2008

blonde no longer...

separated at birth, now unite
gotta love wigs, Jacque pulled this lovely thing out last night and we spent the whole night posing as twins and having a blast while our men were playing rock band!

did I mention jacque was 9 months pregnant???
she thought so anyways

had to get a silly one of me and my love... aren't we attractive??

okay, so since I've been brunette, as of yesterday, I have NOT had sooooooooo much fun!! really, as soon as I got my hair dyed it has been a non-stop party.
brunettes definitely have MORE fun!


Heidi said...

you are too funny! Love the brunette! I am thinking about going back... I will before Christmas. Hopefully!

~Orchideh~ said...

Yes yes I would have to agree with that.... since I'm a brunette myself! hi Carolyn! tell Charlie I said Hi too!!!!

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