Sunday, November 2, 2008

my betty crocker

do you have a betty crocker picture cook book???
well,,, my aunt didi has left me with her 1950s book full of pictures and yummy recipes for my future family!!
it's a great book where not only recipes abide but,,,
decorating tips for your table,
where to set silverware for formal and informal suppers
when to start appetizers, main course, dessert and post dinner drinks
where to seat guests at the table according to your relation to them
how to look and act as a homemaker and hostess
and ways to serve with flair!

it's a great read, full of laughs and gratitude
for women back in that era that really practiced and lived up to the definition of being the perfect homemaker!


The Escobars said...

your so cute cub! i love reading your are little miss betty crocker. thanks for making dinner last was yummy!

Emily Goodsell said...

What a cool cookbook. I wish I had one like that. How could an evening go wrong when Betty is on your side?!

mommacitabonita said...

you are a true homemaker!!! Your food is delicious..Thanks for the yummy cobbler!!!
love mom and dad

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