Saturday, November 1, 2008

trick or treat

halloween was very laid back and enjoyable with charles by my side
living in a house we had many trick-or-treaters
we both raced to the door when the doorbell rang, he usually won
we ordered pizza and munched on candy all night
charles acted as my personal photographer and took pics of me all night
laughed till it hurt when sharing halloween memories from our childhood
watched about 1/4 of "The Aviator" before falling asleep in each other's arms


Heidi said...

FUN... I went and saw that movie in the theater... you didnt miss much.

Chris and Jenn said...

You guys are so cute together!! Sounds like a FUN Halloween!

Sheryl said...

So cute! You are quite the wild animal girlfriend! I loved your wild rivers post too! Nothing like summertime fun with those you can laugh with!

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