Saturday, November 15, 2008

thou shalt love thy neighbor

nie nie dialogues... ever heard of it? how about stephanie and christian nielson?? Stephenie {nie nie} was a fellow blogger and she wrote of the joys and learning of motherhood. she was always positive in every post and it was her blog that inspired me to start my own. She and her husband were in a plane crash early September and their families, friends and the blog world have opened their arms with raising money to support the expensive surgeries, the care for their 4 children and much more.

because of the constant care that christian and more stephanie will need in the upcoming years, a sibling bought a house here in provo that will be done December 15th for christian and the children to move in! a dear friend from my ward was called as the PM project manager for the redesign and remodel of the house. she has been so busy and i wanted to help.
this morning i walked down the street from where i live to the new nielson home only to find so much work to be done.
I kept tears from running down my face as i worked hard to make a new home for this beloved family. i was able to chat with nie nie's brother andrew who made me feel so welcome. they offered to buy me lunch and drinks and I was so admired of their attitudes to serve and give. i could feel the spirit in the house so strong, i knew i was learning so much about this family and their love for our Savior Jesus Christ. what a way to bring the spirit of thanksgiving into my life.

if you'd like to learn more about the family just click on the side of my blog at 'i read nie nie'
if you'd like to learn more about the updates of the home click on robison family blog on my friend's list.


Tamara said...

Sorry to invade your "space"...You don't know me. But, today I was just searching blogs and I found yours. Weirdest thing, my husbands parents are Charlie and Carolyn Baggett. Our son is Charlie also. And to make it even stranger we are LDS also. (Although we are a bit older than you). My husband wanted me to ask what line of Baggett's you are. My husband is from Utah but his dad Charlie is from the south. I am from Southern California (Laguna Beach). The reason I cam upon your site is because my Mother In Law just passed away last week and her name is Carolyn Baggett. We just thought it was so interesting and ironic!! If you get a minute we would love to know where your family is from and see if there is any connection. Have a great day.
Tamara Baggett
You can see our blog at

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