Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Laundry confessions

Since our townhome has ZERO storage we currently use our laundry closet as a storage closet. It has been bittersweet each week lugging our laundry to the laundromat. We have always had a washer/dryer in every rental we've had so when we moved to Charlotte we didn't think about it. Silly us!
The couple who own the laundromat love, love, LOVE Charlie and always spoil him and sometimes me with treats and drinks.  They offered me an ice cold diet coke as soon as I walked in with my arms full of clothes.  I happily accepted, of course.
I always use unstoppables, especially with detergent that has a bland smell. It actually makes me smile while doing laundry!
I like to think I get better and better each week as I brave the laundromat. Well, last week I forgot our hangers and had to lay out 25+ shirts on the cart. While transporting the clothes from the cart to the car all of the clothes fell over on the ground and I about flipped!  It was OH SO HOT and I was already sweating from folding the clothes and it was my last straw. Little Charlie helped pick the clothes up and decided that we needed to go swimming to get happy.  He knows me too well, that boy of mine and we did just that. 


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