Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend photos

Yes, along with everyone else on Friday.

Looking/driving by homes is a normal occurrence around here. Although, I'm having a hard time deciding on newbuild or older home with character. Any tips would be appreciated...

Would love a white kitchen, not too keen on this dark look.  


Katie S. said...

I have tips! Since we are new at home ownership, this is what I've noticed. You'll be happy with an older home with charm until you have to repair/replace/etc. something. Never think you understand the problems your home may have, and that you've "got it covered" by your savings, because you simply cannot and will not (even with inspection) know...with a home that is not new. So, in my book, a new home with character is ideal, but since that is totally rare, I'd go for the new, the very clean, the blank-slate, tip-top shape home if it's in the budget.

It is so pricey having a home in general. You won't want to spend the $ on fixes because you're probably going to want to dress-it-up with decor and your personal style. And let's face it, that takes a lot of money even if everything you buy is used or on sale. Curtain rods, curtains, soap containers, hand towels for bathrooms, shower curtains, window blinds, rugs and door mats, plants, yard tools, etc.--and that's only the very beginning of the never ending list!

That all being said, our next home will be an older used home. Yes, we're hypocrites, BUT that's what we can afford. Otherwise, it'd be new home all the way. Houses are money pits. Just tell me after 1-3 years of home ownership if you don't agree.

I ALWAYS wanted to buy a house over renting. And now we're remembering the awesome things about renting. However, having you very own personal YOUR-space is pretty wonderful. Pros and cons to both worlds.

In the end, who cares what anyone else thinks. When the right house goes on the market, and you guys get or old, who else cares? It's exciting no matter what! Can't wait to find out all the details when you buy one :)

Sorry for the super long comment!

sip and see said...

Thanks for the tips, Katie! Charlie would love brand new and no repairs but we will see.

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