Monday, July 28, 2014

Little fish

We put Charlie in private swim lessons and we are going on week two. It's so different when swim season is only 4 months long in the South compared to where I grew up in California and we swam just about year round.  So, the fact my son isn't swimming on his own at almost 5 worries me! 
Charlie is very confident in doing anything physical...running, baseball, soccer, wrestling and he's fairly good at doing all of them. Everything except swimming!
He has a huge fear of putting his head underwater.  He hasn't had any terrible experience that would make him fear going underwater, so it's hard to help him.  
His instructor is SO patient with him and she's 6 months pregnant! I think it's hard for Charlie to not excel at this sport like he is with every other. Especially when he notices younger kids swimming better than him.  Let's hope he swims on his own by the end of the summer!


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